“Everything.. Everywhere.. All At Once”

“Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” is such a fitting film title that describes the breakneck pace and overwhelm in the run-up to Summer, isn’t it? 

For anyone with children of all ages, May into June is met with a flurry of activities:

End-of-year school events, sporting tournaments, final projects, exams and such pack the schedule. Many are wrapping up their secondary school years, and preparing for University.

Complementing these events are graduations, celebrations, and coordinating social events.

Of course, this is also Prom and Wedding season, with their own heady To-Do Lists.

Others without children are aiming (sometimes, scrambling!) to wrap-up current projects in preparation of a more relaxed summer season.

Loaded schedules and many moving parts is the theme of this season every year.

It seems in May and June, we went from slow and steady in April — into flipping the switch on to “warp speed” with the world is moving in every direction.

What often takes a hit is our sense of grounding and focus.

While many of us thrive on the upbeat, curious, optimistic and lively activities, we can equally feel frenetic: fast-paced, scattered, and OVERWHELMED.

Sometimes we call it “good stress” because it motivates, inspires, and enlivens us — but it can get out of hand, and create noticeable changes.

Ultimately, these disruptions can trigger Anxiety, reflect in menstrual cycle irregularities, skin conditions, general fatigue, and digestive imbalances (to name just a few).

Erratic schedules and disrupted health-related routines can de-rail the best of us.

This time of year demands FLEXIBILITY.

Flexibility to shift our schedules on moments’ notice. 

Flexibility to make healthier choices when eating out or at parties. 

Flexibility with sleep schedules.

Flexibility to accept ourselves when we fall out of sync with our preferred lifestyles.

This, too, Shall Pass

In just a few fast weeks, this pace WILL slow down. People will be largely out of touch, and less responsive. It is expected that we are less available, less accessible for connecting.

Carpe Diem! At last, NOW is time for Self-Care

Think of it this way: July and (at least half of) August can be a brilliant time of health-related RECOVERY and RECALIBRATION.

While schedules can remain loose and unregulated, there is every reason to take steps toward functional detoxification, rebalancing, and recalibration during the Summer.

Let us not forget that while September is certainly a time when we recommit to more structured schedules, it is an equally loaded time when our brains and bodies require tremendous energy levels, endurance on long days (and nights), cognitive focus, and the ability to adapt to demands in multiple areas of life.

The change of season from Summer to Autumn relies upon balanced hormones for adapting to loaded schedules, healthy digestion, and nervous system (sleep + mood + energy) management. 

Starting NOW prepares us to handle whatever September throws our way!

With so many other demands upon us in Autumn, wouldn’t it be nice to focus on ourselves when schedules are slower — with more intention toward recovery and recalibration? 

Since hormone rebalancing can require at least a few monthly cycles to experience more notable progress, the key is to start IN ADVANCE of the most demanding seasons.

“I will start after the Summer.” 

Let me ask you one (loaded) question:

Is there an advantage to waiting until we are jammed with: back-to-school preparations, parent-teacher meetings, long days at the office, business trips, sick kids, doctor appointments, college visits, less personal time, and the all-too-familiar return of seasonal viruses?

Think back to your last Autumn season experience: Was there any time to focus on yourself at that time? If it was a blur trying to remember, it was likely overwhelming.

Is that time of year any more advantageous to focus on your personal well-being?

Believe it or not, we CAN find a balance between “feeding the soul” with social events of the Summer and “healing the body and mind” through self-care.

There is no need to feel pressure to sacrifice Summer fun, nor guilt if you stray temporarily from healthy habits along the way. Progress can be made, and moderation is possible.

Despite the spontaneous nature of Summer, we certainly CAN focus on our health at a time when we are cutting footloose and fancy-free.

Thinking about taking time for self-care? Drop me a note on email to get started — We got this!


Tami Bronstein

University-qualified Medical Herbalist-Physiologist — via University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy (Cardiff/London, U.K.), Hofstra University, Exercise Physiology + Psychology (New York), and Post-Graduate Fellowship alongside Medical Doctors (France) in NeuroEndocrinology support via Plant Remediation. Clinical Nutrition perspective is part-and-parcel of Clinical Herbal Medicine + Exercise Physiology education and perspectives. Nearing 30 years in-practice.

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