The story: The Medical Herbalist Apothecary


Hearty Cheers and Salutations! I am Tami, a University-qualified Medical Herbalist via University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy in England, U.K. here at The Medical Herbalist Apothecary, with Post-Graduate Fellowship in Plant-Based NeuroEndocrine Therapeutics alongside Medical Doctors of Paris, France. 

Brain + Body Hormonal Balance along with Immune Management is my Specialty!

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy in England (U.K.) initiated my work applying hand-crafted Herbal Medicines. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with Psychology from Hofstra University in New York, and have provided 30 years of NeuroMuscular + Osteopathic manual treatments for Pain and Rehabilitation.

Established 1993

Our Mission

~To provide the utmost standard of tailored WellCare, applying unmatched International clinical study spanning 30 years;

~To purvey a caliber of care and remedy far-exceeding anything factory-manufactured. Herbs are organic, biodynamic, purity-verified, cultivated in small batches. We know precisely where they come from, how they are grown and harvested;

~Provision of Artisan-crafted herb extracts by way of ancient Persian method alongside traditional methods for comprehensive non-factory extraction.


Our Natural Care Process

The Herbal Medicines we use are formulated and compounded by-hand — as-needed — based upon a few factors. One, your personal medical history and two, any recent conventional testing you have had. Rather than trying to “put a band-aid” on the problem, we seek to address BOTH: Cause + Symptoms of Imbalance.

As your Medical Herbalist, we follow-up with regular Checkups in the early phase of care, to monitor response and modify formulations as your body evolves and recovers.

Our aim is to provide Individuals clear, intuitive, flexible plans and follow-up care for recovery and vitality. Naturally, each person is different. Our care plans are the same.

With any personally-tailored supportive care, there is always an element of counseling. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the impact of the Emotional Body and Interpersonal Relationships upon our well-being. We get to know countless subtle factors that make immense impact upon balanced integration between our Central Nervous System, Endocrine [Hormonal] and Immune functions; We consider these with Kindness, Compassion and Clinical insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Herbal Medicine, also known as Phytotherapy, is the use of plants and whole plant products for their medicinal healing properties in the resolution of disease and maintenance of well-being.

It is the oldest system of medicine known, and used extensively throughout the world. The World Health Organization recognises and continues to act in the preservation and promotion of traditional herbal medicine because of its safety, efficacy, and affordability.

Alongside the advancement of science, we are able to identify and understand the components and activities that contribute to plants’ healing powers, and so combining this new knowledge with ancient wisdom in their application.

It is essential to understand that Herbal Medicines originate from whole plants, applied in Artisan-crafted concentrated preparations for their clinical effects. Plant (Herbal) Medicines combined with strategic application of food concentrates and dietary choices is a vital combination toward Imbalance Recovery.

Only Clinical Herbalists qualified in England [United Kingdom] are authorised to apply the title: MEDICAL HERBALIST, which requires a minimum of 4-5 year formal University degree in Clinical Herbal Medicine and Board Qualification with acceptance into The National Institute of Medical Herbalists – The oldest and largest body of professional Medical Herbalists in the World.

Many people seek to reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications, because of their variable and undesirable side effects. Some medications cannot be avoided, and in these situations, Herbal Medicine can be safely applied as a secondary management of these side effects. Custom Compounded Herbal Medicines can – in fact – be applied to enhance their doctor’s care.

Some Indviduals wish to address completely separate concerns from those being treated by conventional medicine, to minimise prescription medications wherever possible.

There is a place for integration between conventional medicine and Herbal Medicine support, as part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine approaches to personal care. Collaboration with an Individual’s medical team is welcomed, and direct practitioner communication is always an option.

University-Qualified Medical Herbalists know when a condition can be supported with herbs and nutrition, and when care is best integrated with a physician’s attention and clinical diagnostics. 

A multitude of conditions that individuals may take to their doctors can be addressed with Herbal Medicine, on its own or in-tandem with conventional medicine. Every Individual’s needs, and every health related event, is as unique as their fingerprints — and so should be the approach to care.

Having proper formal education, a Clinically-Qualified Medical Herbalist can safely work independently as well as alongside Conventional Medicine treatments. There is a reasonable place for both approaches to safely and most effectively be of support.

Initial Consultations are scheduled for 60 minutes, up to 90 minutes (case complexity-dependent), through Remote Care (Phone and HIPAA-Secure Text), where a detailed case and relevant medical history are established.

Laboratory reports (when available) and current medications are reviewed in-depth to establish a suitable approach. 

Food Allergy and Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Testing are strongly recommended for more precise care. Certain screenings are doctor-approved and available without a prescription.

Relevant recommendations will be discussed, including Nutrition and Lifestyle modifications*.

*Clinical Nutrition and Dietary Practices are part-and-parcel of Functional Herbal Medicine and Integrative/Complementary Medicine approaches for optimal results. Our Foods and Dietary Habits are a foundation to Hormonal Balance, Immune Function, Optimising Cellular Metabolism, and Disease Prevention.  

It is essential to understand that Herbal Medicines originate from whole plants, applied in Artisan-crafted concentrated preparations for their clinical effects. Plant (Herbal) Medicines combined with strategic dietary choices is a vital combination toward Imbalance Recovery.

Custom-tailored Organic Herbal Medicines are then hand-prepared here in the Compounding Apothecary, specifically for your personal needs (when appropriate). Follow-up calls and text relays are engaged to closely monitor your progress and modify formulations as the body responds.

When appropriate, medicines taken internally primarily include: Organic Fluid Extracts, occasionally freeze-dried Organic Powdered Herbs, and guidance with Nutrition — food as medicine. Recommendations for external applications may include cremes, ointments, oils, washes, compresses, gargles, etc.

Tami, Your Medical Herbalist, will walk you through all realistic recommendations, to make sense of the countless options available on the retail market today and overwhelming information found online. You will have direct, unlimited access to Tami for questions and concerns throughout each month on Care Programme.

Organically grown and ecologically harvested herbs are used exclusively; This reduces exposure to unnecessary, unhealthy chemicals and residues being introduced into the body. Source-verified from seed to harvest.

Qualified Medical Herbalists are highly trained to take a more holistic approach to addressing short and long-term imbalances.

Ultimately, the underlying cause of a problem is sought, identified, and addressed — not merely managing symptoms alone.

Formally Qualified Herbalists use plants and whole plant preparations to restore balance to the body, support immune competency, improve resistance to stress, and increase general vitality.

Herbal Medicine is safe and effective on its own, or integrated with conventional treatments. It can take a primary or supportive role in healing and well-being. Tami expressly tailors all guidance and custom preparations to the Individual’s own needs, functional aims, and preferences.

Tami believes in a sensible, realistic, and methodical approach to support over adequate timeframes which the body requires to recalibrate and rebalance. This allows the time necessary for measures applied to have lasting desired effect.

Assistance with efficiently adapting to (and recovering from) Life’s ever-changing demands is Tami’s Specialty: Applying safe, clinically sound, and effective natural measures in navigating travel, stress, medical events, and age-related needs. 

As the body responds to support, adjustments are made to custom formulations, and habitual refinements are recommended to continue improving toward primary aims.

Fundamental to this approach is the philosophy that Whole Plants and their non-factory Artisan extraction methods for medicinal/therapeutic concentration — alongside Food Concentrates and Dietary Habits — are a foundation to:

Hormonal Balance

Immune Management

Optimal Cellular Metabolism

Tami firmly believes: Sensible changes over time is the most effective approach to lasting hormonal rebalance.

Tami also believes: Knowledge is Power, and spends intentional time to empower those who seek her support with educating so to understand the functional physiology of their bodies, processes of current imbalances, and a clear rationale for her recommendations.

Clinical Nutrition and Dietary Practices are part-and-parcel of Functional Herbal Medicine for optimal results, and an integral component of this approach to personal care.

In Summary: Throughout life, our bodies are in constant dynamic response to life’s demands and inevitable change. Tami aims to provide support that eases challenges to the body and assists in its natural evolution over time for longevity and vitality at any age.

Ultimately, Tami seeks to rebalance and optimise functional status through medicinal plants, foods, and lifestyle measures as the foundation to proper Hormonal, Metabolic, and Immune functions.