Why Choose Tami?

So many options today — Why choose Tami for my needs?

Decades of Clinical, International University Education.

Custom Tailoring — Expressly for Your Personal Medical History.

Whole Plant Medicines with bioavailability and small-batch potency unlike anything available on retail shelves or factory-made.

Purity Verified from seed to harvest.

Personal Note from Tami:

Because I care.

Your healing and WellCare is the very core of my purpose on this journey of Life.

This is my Mission, and I put the same concentration and thought into formulating your care as I do my own and my close family.

That said, it goes far beyond simply caring.

We take my decades of clinical study from University in England, Hofstra University in New York, and Groundbreaking Post-Graduate work with Medical Doctors of Paris, France alongside Ancient and Progressive science-based philosophies for your Integrative, Alternative, and Functional Medicine care.

There is immense effort expended to ensure the purity and utmost quality of your herbal medicines that I prepare by-hand, based on YOUR personal history and current needs.

In fact, there are no extracts available on the commercial market or internet sources that are comparable to the standards of what you receive in your biodynamic medicines from me, and there are a few bits I needed to share with you here.


You are likely aware of the challenges we face in farming and environmental pollution, and this is a large part of why I am discerning and insist upon Organics and Biodynamic Farming Practices and verifying the plants from seed to harvest.

NO Genetically Modified seeds.

NO chemical applications.

NO tainted irrigation water or chemical “run-off” polluting irrigation water.


Your Organic Medicines are Artisan handcrafted in small batches, with organic alcohol and clean water, extracted in a globally-exclusive manner applying an ancient Persian method alongside cold-extraction methods of capturing the most dynamic spectrum of compounds within the plant materials.

This is to say, with preparations from each and every plant, we are providing a blend of: 

*The aromatic constituents via distillation into an aromatic water

*Water-soluble constituents via infusion or decoction

*Fat-soluble constituents via specialized cool percolation and/or organic gluten-free alcohol + spring or distilled water maceration

So, you are NOT getting a simple field “tincture” of soaked plants in alcohol or glycerin and pressed through cheesecloth; Those retail, internet or home-made versions do not have the potency required for ultimate results you are seeking.

Rather, you are getting a highly specialized hand-crafted extract that maximizes every plant’s most complete composition for the most effective impact on your body’s healing — in the most efficient method of absorption.

You can be assured that You are receiving the most biodynamic extraction of the purest organic plants on Earth because… You are My World.


We uphold strict HIPAA Medical Information Privacy Regulations for your most effective and confidential care. As such, we do not exchange sensitive medical information on social media nor electronic relay — We believe in connecting by voice and genuine connection of care.

Once the Initial Appointment and Work-up has been completed, and initial number of monthly or bi-monthly cycles of Checkups have yielded stable progress, we can typically provide “repeat refills” without exam (case dependent) within the Medicare guidelines of approximately 3-months’ time, as the formulas are hitting the mark on your needs.

Beyond that timeframe, many personal events and changes in Medical History can occur, so to be safe and effective, we schedule periodic exams to ensure we are on-point.

You already know that I do my very best to save you costs of Check-ups, and simply provide refills whenever possible — but there are clinical reasons for doing so periodically, as-needed. We are happy to review these details with you at the start of our care.

Our aims are to get to the CAUSE of imbalance and resolve them.

In many cases, we are successful over a period of time and then we transition into your go-to resource when anything “new” pops-up. In other cases, we have chronic conditions that require some ongoing maintenance support.

You would be surprised how many previously “chronic” conditions do eventually get to a point of only requiring “periodic” support with our care ~ rather than year-round!

Similar to fingerprints, YOUR care will be a unique approach from anyone else — even if others share in certain conditions or diagnoses. As such, no one will receive the same formulations or recommendations as anyone else.

We aim to tailor Medicines as well as Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations to your own unique needs, and we work safely alongside any unavoidable prescription pharmaceuticals, surgeries or other conventional medicine treatments you may require along the way. 

Life is dynamic.

The Body is dynamic.

Life gets messy, and changes happen.

We are here to support you through ever-changing needs as they come up, and are highly Specialized to be able to bridge the gap from “conventional” care to your personal Integrative, Alternative and Functional Medicine approach.

Appointments By-phone, or In-clinic. Hand compounding of herbal medicines on-site, expressly for You.

001.908.432.2990 care@medherbalist.com



Tami Bronstein is a University-qualified Medical Herbalist via England, U.K. with Post-Graduate work in NeuroEndocrine-Immunology alongside Medical Doctors of Paris, France.

NeuroEndocrine [brain + body hormone]Balance along with Immune Management is her Specialty:  A [Plant Based] Hormone SuperHero!

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) via University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy in England (U.K.) initiated her work applying hand-crafted Herbal Medicines. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with Psychology from Hofstra University in New York, and has provided over 25 years of NeuroMuscular + Osteopathic manual treatments for Pain and Rehabilitation.


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