Low Testosterone, Natural Remedy

“Low T”. Waning [Low] Testosterone awareness in Men is evolving — yet — it goes beyond simply ‘supplementing’ with an end-unit hormone (and the risks of cancer, irritability, and other effects with synthetic hormone supplementation that go along with it).

What we look to establish is the ‘Why’ so that we can give the body what it needs to balance itself, without the risks and side-effects.

What better way to describe what we do at The Medical Herbalist Apothecary than with a Patient Story!

Male Patient, mid-40s presented with clinically low Testosterone, via conventional blood-work testing. Symptoms included fatigue and a high volume of ‘visceral [internal abdominal] fat’. He also presented with Irritability and Anxiety, in addition to feeling a “lack of interest” in daily lifestyle needs.

This Patient is in the hospitality industry of Mid-town New York City, so you can imagine the variable schedules and pressures of this work, impacting sleep schedules in-addition.

Upon his Initial Exam, we delved deeply into the years when symptoms first began — as well as events leading up to these symptoms — to get to the CAUSE or triggers, to piece the puzzle together.

His response to this care with Herbal Medicine — which includes Nutritional Therapeutic Guidance to complement results — began to resolve troublesome symptoms within the first two months, and was successful to resolution of care within 4-6 months. We were able to “reset the internal clock” so that he could then manage solely through lifestyle habits. No pharmaceuticals, no supplement tablets or capsules required.

If this resonates for You or a significant man in your life, give us a jingle at 908.432.2990 or email us at care@medherbalist.com

Tami works with referrals from top surgeons and physicians in New York, New Jersey, and California, as well as through Independent care.


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