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Tami-Medical Herbalist-Physiologist

Hearty Cheers and Salutations!

I am Tami -- a University-qualified Medical Herbalist via England, U.K. at The Medical Herbalist Apothecary, with Post-Graduate Fellowship in NeuroEndocrinology alongside Medical Doctors of Paris, France. I hold an additional BSc in Exercise Physiology with Psychology via New York, USA -- with qualifications in Neuromuscular and Osteopathic modalities for Pain and Rehabilitation.

Tami Bronstein, BSc Phyt (Hons), MNIMH, RH (AHG)
Medical Herbalist-Physiologist 

Established 1993

What I Do

I provide the utmost standard of tailored WellCare, applying unmatched International clinical study, a Practitioner of close to 30 years' experience. My aim is to provide Individuals clear, intuitive, flexible plans and follow-up care for recovery and vitality.

Artisan-crafted Herb Extracts

Provision of Artisan-crafted herb extracts by way of ancient Persian method alongside traditional methods for comprehensive non-factory extraction.

Herbal Medicines

Medicines are formulated and compounded by-hand — as-needed — based upon your personal Medical History, recent conventional testing (if any), and seek to address BOTH: Cause + Symptoms of Imbalance.


Clinical Nutrition is part-and-parcel of Functional Herbal Medicine care. Attuning dietary habits is a fundamental part of healthy cellular metabolic functions. Mindful attention is focused upon food tolerance and optimizing dietary habits for results. Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy testing recommended, with guidance and management provided.

Monitor and Modify

The Brain and Body are Dynamic - constantly responding to Life's demands. We follow-up with regular Checkups and Updates to monitor response, modify formulations, and adapt recommendations as your body evolves and recovers. Unlimited Access to Direct HIPAA-Secure Text, Video, and Phone Calls, as-needed for timely updates, guidance, and support. 



Concierge-Style Unlimited-Access
Care Programme

Custom Compounded Organic Herbal Medicines
+ Clinical Nutrition

Available By-Appointment