Walk Me Through A Consultation

What happens at the Initial Appointment?

Similar to an appointment with your regular medical doctor, your Initial Exam combs through your most pressing needs to be addressed, its timeline and detailed nuances to your symptoms. 

Then, it goes far deeper.

We aim for 60 minutes to review your entire Personal Medical History, although some Individuals’ histories can last up to 90 minutes because of the complex nature of their conditions.

Appointments take as long as they need to, when sensitive information is shared. We do not rush through, as recovery often resides in the seemingly smallest and subtle of details!

This is an in-depth conversation to seek the CAUSATIVE factors in your symptoms, and then systematically fill-in the big picture with all aspects of your health — past and present.

While Laboratory Testing results are not essential to begin your care — when available — they are reviewed and copies are kept in your chart for future reference in progress and monitoring trends with future testing results.

In some cases, we make recommendations for Patients to take back to their conventional doctors for review and potential testing exploration. With Your permission, we can also connect directly with your doctor to take a more collaborative approach, so that we are all on the same page together for your best possible care.

Sometimes herbal medicines are not necessary, if recommendations with diet and lifestyle are enough for resolution. When you schedule In-Clinic, we schedule added time for compounding medicines, as appropriate for your needs. Appointments By-Phone mean that any required custom compounded herbal medicines are prepared and shipped via FedEx (Ground or Express) at the earliest possible availability; We aim for same or next-day shipping.

With ALL appointments — Initial and Check-ups — we encourage Patients to jot down any notes of recommendations provided during our appointments that may be helpful for learning and ongoing reference. In addition, Patients receive hard-copy Follow-Up/Summary Notes that are posted by regular Postal Mail within days (up to a week) following All Exams and/or Repeat Refills.

Initial Exam Appointments receive hard-copy and electronic Takeaway Notes reviewing General Information and Frequently Asked Questions, as well.

We comply with and strictly uphold all HIPAA Medical Information Privacy Act Regulations for your personal privacy of sensitive medical information.

We aim to provide the utmost in Attentive Follow-Up Care — wherever you are in the world.

Appointments are available By-Phone and In-Clinic. 001.908.432.2990 care@medherbalist.com


Tami Bronstein is a University-qualified Medical Herbalist via England, U.K. with Post-Graduate work in NeuroEndocrine-Immunology alongside Medical Doctors of Paris, France.

NeuroEndocrine [brain + body hormone]Balance along with Immune Management is her Specialty:  A [Plant Based] Hormone SuperHero!

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) via University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy in England (U.K.) initiated her work applying hand-crafted Herbal Medicines. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with Psychology from Hofstra University in New York, and has provided over 25 years of NeuroMuscular + Osteopathic manual treatments for Pain and Rehabilitation.

Our Mission at The Medical Herbalist Apothecary:

~To provide the utmost standard of tailored WellCare, applying unmatched International clinical study spanning more than 25 years;

~To purvey a caliber of care and remedy far-exceeding anything factory-manufactured. Herbs are organic, biodynamic, purity-verified, cultivated in small batches. We know precisely where they come from, how they are grown and harvested;

~Provision of Artisan-crafted herb extracts by way of ancient Persian method alongside traditional methods for comprehensive non-factory extraction.

Medicines are formulated and compounded by-hand — as-needed — based upon your personal Medical History, recent conventional testing (if any), and seek to address BOTH: Cause + Symptoms of Imbalance.

We follow-up with regular Checkups in the early phase of care, to monitor response and modify formulations as your body evolves and recovers.

Our aim is to provide Individuals clear, intuitive, flexible plans and follow-up care for recovery and vitality.

As with any personally-tailored supportive care, there is always an element of counseling and appreciating the impact of the Emotional Body and Interpersonal Relationships upon our well-being. We get to know countless subtle factors that make immense impact upon balanced integration between our Central Nervous System, Endocrine [Hormonal] and Immune functions; We consider these with Kindness, Compassion and Clinical insights.

Currently, Tami resides in the United States. On-site hours are available at the Clinic, Phone consultations are available, as well as off-site locations: NJ ~ NYC ~ Los Angeles

Further afield? Cross-country and International care is available By Phone. We ship your hand-crafted medicines direct via FedEx.


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