Herbal Integrative and Functional Medicine Initial Exams are scheduled for 60 minutes, up to 90 minutes (case complexity-dependent), By-Phone or In-Clinic, where a detailed case and relevant medical history are established.

Laboratory reports (when available) and current medications are reviewed in order to establish a suitable approach.

Recommendations will be discussed, as Nutritional and Lifestyle modifications are part-and-parcel of these Herbal Medicine, Integrative and Functional Medicine approaches.

Custom-tailored Organic Herbal Medicines are then hand-prepared here in the Compounding Apothecary, specifically for your personal needs. Follow-up appointments will be made for a number of monthly (or bi-monthly) cycles to closely monitor your progress and modify formulations as the body responds.

When appropriate, medicines taken internally primarily include: Organic Fluid Extracts, occasionally freeze-dried Organic Powdered Herbs, and guidance with food as medicine. Recommendations for external applications may include cremes, ointments, oils, washes, compresses, gargles, etc. We will walk you through all recommendations, to make sense of the countless options available and overwhelming information found online.

Organically grown and ecologically harvested herbs are used exclusively; This reduces exposure to unnecessary, unhealthy chemicals and residues being introduced into the body. Source-verified from seed to harvest.

Clinic Lines: 001.908.432.2990 or care@medherbalist.com to schedule your visit or phone consultation.